Conservative principles have been our nation’s guiding light during both our brightest and our darkest times. Washington DC is determined to exert as much control over our lives as possible. DC regulates everything from the light bulbs we can buy, to the treatments we are eligible for with our healthcare, to the number of gallons of water used to flush a toilet! It is time to fight back against DC and re-assert Alabama’s 10th amendment rights. We must be principled, positive and aggressively propose alternatives to unaffordable and unjust big government expansion. We must lead with ideas and strategies that promote Alabama and American exceptionalism! States are the laboratories of democracy and there is no better state to lead the way than Alabama!

Improving education and repealing common core

Common Core standards and its implementation teaches children what to think, not how to think. Gone are the classical literary texts and stories that expose our children to the values, stories, and heritage that helped make our country great and used bold colors to define our country.

These bold colors are being replaced with the pale pastels of “informational texts” that treat our children as assembly line products being prepared for market.

Lastly, why is Common Core being allowed to transform our education process without any measurable metrics or proof that it even works. A rollout of this magnitude would never happen in the private sector without some type of quantifiable proof!

Our children in public, private, and home-schools are too precious to allow them to be subjected to an unproven centrally mandated process that is destined for failure.

State and local communities must maintain the authority to develop curriculum and make decisions for their students so that they can best compete in the future workplace. Education is not a “one size fits all.” Every child is different and has a unique set of needs, and parents should be able to choose the school that best meets those needs. We must empower parents by placing educational decisions in their hands and giving them a choice!

State's rights and limited government

We must challenge the Federal government’s unconstitutional intrusion into the rights reserved for the states by the Tenth Amendment. Wasteful federal government spending puts excessive burdens on state and local governments while stunting economic growth. We must focus on responsible government spending in Alabama that comes with balanced budgets and working to lower taxes to create a hospitable and attractive business environment to stimulate economic growth and increase employment opportunities. The government does not create jobs! Free markets, competition, and laws that fairly enforce property rights and private contracts are the basic foundation to a thriving economy.

Health care is a vital area of concern to all Alabamians and it has suffered with onerous and harmful federal intervention. We have just begun to see the catastrophic ramifications from Obamacare and that health care cannot be micromanaged at the national level. Obamacare must be repealed and entitlement programs like Medicaid reformed, not expanded. Healthcare reforms should be patient-doctor relationship centered.

Free Market Health Care

Life is precious and begins at conception. The unborn cannot speak for themselves, and I strongly believe that as a society we are judged by how we protect those who are the most vulnerable. There is no group more vulnerable than the unborn. Watching my children experience the miracle of life with their growing families has only further cemented my unwavering belief in safe guarding the unborn’s right to life.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Marriage is the foundation of a strong family. Families are the most basic building block to a strong, vibrant community and society. The foundation of marriage should be strengthened and respected, not redefined.

Pro-Life and Pro-Family

I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment and its constitutional guarantee for Americans right to keep and bear arms. Period! The right to protect oneself and family is an innate, self-evident right.

Right to Bear Arms

Alabama House District 43 experienced years of record setting business and economic growth that made us one of the strongest areas in Alabama. We must continue to support legislation to strengthen our business climate and shore up our transportation infrastructure to support growth in a fiscally sustainable manner. I am committed to helping move government out of the way so businesses can do what they do best – grow and produce more employment opportunities for Alabamians.

Increased Employment & Commerce

Private property rights and private ownership of real property must be protected with Eminent Domain being exercised only for specific public use. Property rights are an integral part to the foundation of our nation and state.

Protecting Personal Property Rights

Alabama should have control over where our transportation dollars are spent. Currently gas taxes are remitted to the Federal Government. DC then takes their cut for the federal bureaucracy and turns around and micromanages the decisions of local infrastructure. It is one thing for DC to be involved in interstate highways that connect one state to another and are truly of a federal nature, but for DC to be influencing or deciding local transportation priorities concerning mass transit or local and state roads, on which they have never driven or ridden, is outside their responsibility. Alabamians best understand their transportation needs. After all, we drive on the roads and walk on the sidewalks daily! US Senator Mike Lee of Utah has legislation to transfer transportation responsibilities to state governments and empower them in the decision making process. I fully support improving our transportation system in a fiscally responsible manner and empowering Alabama’s role in the process!